Flying in my Quicksilver
May 19 and 20, 2001

[The following images were captured
from my digital video camera.]

I woke at 4:30am Saturday so that I could be flying as the sun
came up... it was tough getting up that early -- as I am not a
morning-person -- but I'd say it was worth it... wouldn't you?

This photo is taken only minutes after sunrise, and I'm about 4 miles from the
southern tip of Galveston Island, with the Gulf of Mexico in the distance...

The photos don't really do the scene justice... there was a ground fog that was
stunningly beautiful.

As I approached San Luis Pass (the very southern tip of Galveston Island, where
there is a toll bridge), the sun was shining like a jewel against the Gulf of Mexico:

Here is a pretty good look at the full length of the bridge at San Luis Pass. From the air,
it seems hardly substantial enough for car traffic, much less withstanding the full
force of a hurricane.

At this point, I make about a 90-degree turn to the right so that I'm heading
south-west along the beach...

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