DemiJohn Island, TX

So, you're asking yourself, is DemiJohn Island really an island?  And, exactly where IS DemiJohn Island?  Well, this page explains all that.

Below is a satellite image (courtesy of Google Maps) that shows DemiJohn Island.  The yellow arrow points to my house on the island.  It is an island because it is completely surrounded by water.  The water that surrounds it is Bastrop Bayou.  Just to the left of my house is the bridge that connects the island to the mainland.  You were, what, expecting Hawaii?

Most of the land surrounding DemiJohn is part of the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.  The area directly to the left of the island is a tiny community called Mims.  The trapezoidal dark areas to the left of Mims are fish ponds.  The part of the bayou indicated by the purple line is called the "Cut Through Channel". The original bayou twists around as you'd expect a bayou to do in this part of the country.  The Cut Through Channel was created by the Army Corps of Engineers during WWII because there was an ammunication plant upstream, and they didn't want it to take so long to get it to the Gulf.

So, now you're asking, how far away is it from the Gulf?  Well, look at the picture below this one!

Below is another satellite image, but this one is pulled way back so you can see how far we are from the Gulf of Mexico.  The yellow circle indicates where DemiJohn Island is, and the yellow line shows that we are about 7 miles from the beach, as the crow flies.

The white areas to the southwest of us are Lake Jackson (inland) and Freeport (by the coast).